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We are a program of:
AGE of Central Texas
3710 Cedar Street
Austin, Texas 78705
(512) 451-4611

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Our Blog and Facebook pages are active once again. Click on the underlined links to read and like or subscribe, to find out the latest happenings and learn something new with our new "Tech Tips.".

April is a time for blooming and getting more active. We have several photography related opportunities from Field Trips to dropping cherries in liquids. We are offering again classes on Word and Windows 8, as well as some computer and storage classes. Look at the list and some on in! For easy reading of our monthly offerings, click on the Flyer links.

Foyer Fotos: In March and April, it's time for Texas (or other?) Wildflowers! Find your favorite wildflower photos, new or old, get 8x10 prints and bring them to the lab for display and admiration.

Payment by Credit Card is now available. After you register online, you will receive information on how to pay. Read the instructions and follow the links. It will help to save time for everyone. Learn about the process here.

Please tell your friends and neighbors about the AGE Computer Lab. Better yet, help them sign up for a seminar and car pool together to class! You'll both be glad you did.

Offerings at a Glance

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April 2015

April Classes Flyer
Microsoft Office Advanced Word
Windows 8
Understanding Your Computer
Storage Wars
Internet Brain Fitness Resources has been rescheduled
Hands-Free Options for Phones
Medical Information on Your iPhone
iPad Garden & Nature Apps
Photographing Spring Flowers
Capturing Water Drops
Meetup at Mayfield Park
Shutter Speed Part 2: Field Trip

Clubs for 2015 (meet monthly, through November)

All 2015 Clubs



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