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We are a program of:
AGE of Central Texas
3710 Cedar Street
Austin, Texas 78705
(512) 451-4611

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In June we have several classes to catch your interest and expand your knowledge. Classes are listed on the right side of your view. In July we have several "spectacular" offerings, including a photo field trip on a bus and shooting stars in the night sky. We also have classes on Windows 10, Your Computer, iTunes, Word, Backup, Apps, and Printing. Register now and learn more and more.

Foyer Foto Wall theme for June is "Barns." The July/August theme is "Before and After." Take a picture and enhance it or make it artsy with software you have learned how to use in our classes. Bring both pictures and our volunteer will put them on the board side by side. Any student in the AGE Computer Lab is welcome to post 2 or 3 photos. In the even # months, we'll vote for favorite photos and award a gift certificate.

Keep up on the latest technology developments, by following the AGE Computer Lab Blog. The latest posting has information on using your new Windows 10 system. For example: Change computer time, Check Hard drive space, and Undelete a file.

Payment by Credit Card is the preferred method. After you register online, you will receive information on how to pay. Learn more here.

Tell your friends and neighbors about the AGE Computer Lab. Better yet, help them sign up for a seminar and car pool to class! You'll both be glad you did.

Offerings at a Glance

(Click on title for details)

June 2016

June Flyer
Free Photo Editors
Online Photo Storage
Travel and Technology
Microsoft Outlook: Ask the Expert
Google Office - A Free Alternative
All About Gmail
Microsoft Word: Ask the Expert
Coloring Workshop with Grandkids
Microsoft Windows 10 Introduction
Book Making - Special Effects

July 2016

July Flyer
Shooting Stars
Understanding Your Computer
More Microsoft® Windows 10
Writing on the Wall
Best New Apps
Microsoft Word: Beginning
Printing Photos 101
iTunes Basics: Syncing and Music
Data Backup and Recovery

Clubs for 2016 (meet monthly, January-November)

All 2016 Clubs
Adobe Lightroom Beginning,
Adobe Lightroom Experienced,
Adobe Photoshop Elements,
Corel Layering,
PC A to Z,
Plug-Ins +,
ProShow Producer Beginning,
ProShow Producer Experienced

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