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We are a program of:
AGE of Central Texas
3710 Cedar Street
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2015 Club Enrollment has started! Each club meets once a month. Learn about them here.

For November, we have new and updated seminars, along with the familiar favorites. Get questions answered about that iPad, Passwords, and the Android phone. Learn how to find music and how to make an audio CD. Go on a photo walk with your phone and leave your camera at home. Play some Bridge on the Internet. We have some young and energetic instructors coming to our lab to tell us how to use Pinterest, and all about new Fitness and Health related devices!

Look at December! We have a Photo Contest and the End of the Year Party for all out 2014 students and volunteers.

Note: All morning seminars start at 10:00 am. All morning clubs meet at 9:30 am unless stated otherwise.

By the way, remember to tell your friends and neighbors about the AGE Computer Lab. Better yet, help them sign up for a seminar and car pool together to class! You'll both be glad you did.

Tech Tip of the Month: If you receive too many emails in Windows LiveMail or Outlook that you know you will never use again and want to keep the clutter down, don't just delete the email. Just deleting it puts it in the trash and you have not saved any space on the hard drive, little though it may be. If you absolutely know that you will never want to see that email again, use the Shift key plus the Delete Key (Shift+Del). That email skips the trash bin and goes straight to ......well, you will not see it again unless someone sends it again. Shift+Del = Ta, ta and goodby to what ever you wish to never be seen again. Use it with other files on the computer, just be sure you do not want it any more. (Submitted by Steve D.)

Who are we? We are the "AGE Computer Lab." Since 1997, our mission has been to connect the wisdom of adults with the wonders of technology and the internet.

We provide, at minimal cost, computer literacy to any active adult with an interest in learning. We offer classes to help grow knowledge for both fun and practical uses, including computer applications and digital photography. And, we try to do it with humor and camaraderie.

Our state of the art lab, dedicated instructors, helpful coaches, and materials for home reference set us apart from other computer learning centers.

Classes are organized by skill levels and subjects, and are oriented to the interests of active adults. Learning is fun when it is paced and considerate of the needs of the students. Unlike college classes, we have coaches ready to help - as many as one for every two students.

Offerings at a Glance

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November Seminars

Printable Flyer with Links
Frames and Masks - the Basics
Ask the Outlook Expert
iPhone (2 sessions)
iPad Basics
Password Management
Fitness Tech: What, How, and Why
Photowalk with Your Phone
Bridge on the Internet
Audio Rewind
iPad Questions: Ask the Expert
Android Smartphone
Adobe Lightroom Basics
Photo Contest Rules


Photo Contest Judging
End of the Year Party

Clubs for 2015

All 2015 Clubs
Adobe Lightroom Beginning Club
Adobe Lightroom Experienced Club
Adobe Photoshop Elements Beginning Club
Adobe Photoshop Elements Experienced Club
Corel Editing Photo Club
Layering Photo Club
Fit Brains for Seniors Beginning Club
Fit Brains for Seniors Experienced Club
Genealogy Club
PC A to Z Club
Plug-Ins + Club
ProShow Gold Club
ProShow Producer Beginning Club
ProShow Producer Experienced Club
Smartphone Hot Topics Club



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